why we do what we do

And how we do it.


We want the world to know how powerful Art is. And what better way to prove it than showing women how they can use the artistic expression to change themselves and the world around them. Happy people make others feel the same way, and that is why we want to help others be the best version of themselves every single day. 

Art doesn’t demand that you change your life any more than trying meditation demands that you shave your head and enter a monastery
— Pat B. Allen, PhD


Why Art?

As the American Art Therapy Association mentions, Art engages the mind, the body and the spirit differently from verbal communication alone. Art uses physical movement, involves the senses and has a symbolic representation that can surpass the words’ capacity to describe the human experience. Using it as a tool of expression, it can help empower not only the individual, but also the community. 

Dr. Natalie Rogers highlights in her book “The Creative Connection” that the Arts have the capacity to help us “increase insight and self-awareness, identify and express feelings, improve problem solving skills, create opportunity for self-healing, practice active relaxation, and improve social relationships amongst other benefits”. 

Why Self-Awareness?

Self-Awareness is a key component for self-improvement according to experts in the field of psychology, such as Daniel Goleman, PhD, expert in emotional intelligence. Self-Awareness has been explored by several authors, highlighting:

  • The more we know about our own emotions and how we work, the better we understand why we feel the way we feel and why we do what we do.

  • The more conscious we are about our own emotions and behaviors, the easier it becomes to improve them.

  • The more clarity we have about ourselves, the easier it becomes to adapt life changes that suit our needs.

  • The more conscious we are about our strengths and weaknesses, the more confident we become to make choices

  • The more we recognize our own personality, the more we can understand the differences between ourselves and others, improving our socializing skills.


What is Intuition Painting®?

Intuition Painting® is using painting as a meditation technique. How? Imagine engaging with paint without a preconceived image in mind, letting the process of creating be guided solely by your intuition, your movement and sound. According to Montine Blank, Master Facilitator, “Artists and non-artists alike practice Intuition Painting® to reconnect to their inner muse, access boundless creativity, improve their outlook on life, and grow in personal, emotional, and spiritual awareness”. Our goal is to use the painting experience to help women go deeper into their understanding of themselves, their behaviors and inner experience. *Note: No previous painting or art experience necessary.


What is Conscious Creating?

Conscious Creating can be seen as the first approach to art-making if painting feels too daunting. Similar to Intuition Painting®, It is also focused on the process of creating instead of the finished product. The goal of these workshops is to help women liberate from personal judgment and fear, get away from rigid art making structures and expectations. We provide basic guidelines on how to use different art materials (such as markers, collage, pastels, watercolors, alcohol inks, amongst others) to evoke certain feelings and achieve more specific goals. Encouragement and support will always be provided as we want women to connect with their personal creative vision.