Our Services


Intuition painting® Sessions

  • Group and Individual sessions where clients are guided on how to use the painting processes to connect to their intuition, create without planning, manage creative blocks and also, how to respond to their self-critical voices.

  • Self-Awareness, Emotional management, positive self-expression and stress management are also gained throughout the experience.

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Art Workshops

  • Group sessions focused on educating people on how to utilize the Arts as a tool to improve their personal lives

  • Topics covered during workshops: Creative Connectoin, Emotional Wellbeing, Relaxation and how to improve self-esteem

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Live Events

  • Critical Food Design inspired experiences curated to utilize a combination of a meal with a set of questions and/or tasks that can be answered and/or completed through the event.

  • The answers and tasks facilitate a deeper and more intimate dialogue among attendees, which further develops the individual’s self-exploration, enhancing their emotional intelligence and ability to socialize with others.