Art for Self-Care series

Art for Self-Care series


Trying to take care of yourself in the midst of a busy life can be challenging, particularly in a culture that over emphasizes reaching goals and forgets about fulfilling individual needs. Self-care is one of the most important activities any professional can do to be able to stay on top of their game and be able to feel relaxed and happy at the same time. 

When talking about self-care, most people talk about exercising the body, which is great! However, how are you tending to your other needs? Where are your mind and spirit when it comes to taking care of them? 

The benefits of having a creative practice are equal to those of eating healthy and surrounding yourself with positive relationships. Creativity is a fantastic work for your mind as it helps foster not only artistic abilities, which can be fun and playful, but it can also help you thrive as a professional, improving your problem solving skills, your innovation, your ability to create new connections and act more spontaneously. Creativity increases your confidence and overall joy as it helps you realize your limitless potential.

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